SMArt Mods ONE Stabwood 24MM

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Height 92 mm
Diameter 24 mm
Material Brass/Stabwood
The shank module Hybrid Connector 510
Pusch Button Neodymium Magnet
Separator Teflon
Size 18650

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This is high-end product made of real stabilized wood of any kind. There will never be two exactly same keyfobs of this model. Each one is different and has got own serial number. All metal conducting parts are Brass (Mo 68). On the button ring You'll find engraved S/N. We're also giving authenticity cards for them. As every our product it's got hybrid connector which is attached to pipe by thread. The magnetic button is adjustable so You can regulate push as You want. There is Teflon insulator in it which prevents shortcuts. 

StWd 24